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History of Upton Community Centre

UCC 1900.png

The picture above shows St Dunstan's Church 1900 - the land on which it was built was donated by Lord Wimborne, whose family name was Guest, and who owned The Yarrells estate.

Before 1992 the church and a wooden structure stood on the site where the Community Centre now stands. In the past it has been used to host nativity plays and even used as a school during the wars. After a fire burnt down most of the structures the buildings were demolished and a fund was set up to build a new centre 

UCC school play.gif
UCC school.jpg

comprising a church and combined Community Centre. Money was donated by The Town Council, Salisbury Diocese, Talbot Village Trust, The Central Board of Finance, profits from Firework displays and other Fun Days with the actual cost being £550,2100.

Parts of old church are in the new one today, such as the stained-glass windows and part of the altar.

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