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Booking Form

Details of the Hirer

Full Name:

If this is not a private function, please give details of the organisation which the hirer represents:

Title of Organisation

Address of Organisation including full Post Code:

Daytime Telephone Number:

Evening Telephone Number:

Email Address:

Are you a Charity? Yes/No

If so, please state your charity registration Number:

Are you a resident of Lytchett Minster & Upton? Yes/No

Is a Bar required? Yes/No

Is a licence required? Yes/No

Details of the booking:

Brief Description of the event / activities to be undertaken

Number of People Expected:

Facilities Required: Large Hall / Small Hall, Kitchen

Date Required:

Time Required:




I declare that I have read the booking policy and agree to be bound by the Booking Policy terms.


Print Name: 


Please make all cheques payable to LUCA Hall Account and crossed A/C payee

Please return the completed booking form along with your deposit of £50

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